dataplot::soccer::models::Score Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def __str__
def game_seconds
def win_percent_until_now
def points_allowed
def differential
def player_summary

Static Public Attributes

tuple player = models.ForeignKey(Player,blank=True,null=False,core=True)
tuple team = models.ForeignKey(Team,edit_inline=True,num_in_admin=10)
tuple goals = models.IntegerField(null=False,blank=False,default=0,core=True)
tuple own_goals = models.IntegerField(null=False,blank=False,default=0,core=True)

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

def dataplot::soccer::models::Score::__str__   self  ) 

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def dataplot::soccer::models::Score::differential   self  ) 

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def dataplot::soccer::models::Score::game_seconds   self  ) 

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def dataplot::soccer::models::Score::player_summary   self  ) 

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def dataplot::soccer::models::Score::points_allowed   self  ) 

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def dataplot::soccer::models::Score::win_percent_until_now   self  ) 

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Member Data Documentation

tuple dataplot::soccer::models::Score::goals = models.IntegerField(null=False,blank=False,default=0,core=True) [static]

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tuple dataplot::soccer::models::Score::own_goals = models.IntegerField(null=False,blank=False,default=0,core=True) [static]

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tuple dataplot::soccer::models::Score::player = models.ForeignKey(Player,blank=True,null=False,core=True) [static]

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tuple dataplot::soccer::models::Score::team = models.ForeignKey(Team,edit_inline=True,num_in_admin=10) [static]

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