dataplot::soccer::models::Player::Meta Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def get_absolute_url
def inverse_goals_allowed
def get_stats
def get_stat
def scores_ordered
def scores_by_date
def __str__
def save
def save_plots
def cache
def get_absolute_url

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

list ordering = [('name')]

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

def dataplot::soccer::models::Player::Meta::__str__   self  ) 

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def dataplot::soccer::models::Player::Meta::cache   self  ) 

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def dataplot::soccer::models::Player::Meta::get_absolute_url   self  ) 

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def dataplot::soccer::models::Player::Meta::get_absolute_url   self  ) 

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def dataplot::soccer::models::Player::Meta::get_stat   self,

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def dataplot::soccer::models::Player::Meta::get_stats   self  ) 

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def dataplot::soccer::models::Player::Meta::inverse_goals_allowed   self  ) 

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def dataplot::soccer::models::Player::Meta::save   self  ) 

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def dataplot::soccer::models::Player::Meta::save_plots   self  ) 

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def dataplot::soccer::models::Player::Meta::scores_by_date   self  ) 

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def dataplot::soccer::models::Player::Meta::scores_ordered   self  ) 

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Member Data Documentation

list dataplot::soccer::models::Player::Meta::DATAPLOTS [static]

Initial value:

        'ylab':'Win percent',
        'xlab':'Game date',
        'main':'Win percent change over time'

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list dataplot::soccer::models::Player::Meta::MANAGER_DATAPLOTS [static]

Initial value:

        'main':"Defense v. offense"
        'main':"Win percent over time",
        'ylab':"Win percent",
        'xlab':"Game date",

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list dataplot::soccer::models::Player::Meta::ordering = [('name')] [static]

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