dataplot::soccer::models::PlayerManager Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def get_ts_data
def plotable
def frequent_players
def get_goals_and_victories_args
def wins_diff_args
def SquareScatter_args

Detailed Description

Adds plotting methods.

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Member Function Documentation

def dataplot::soccer::models::PlayerManager::frequent_players   self  ) 

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def dataplot::soccer::models::PlayerManager::get_goals_and_victories_args   self  ) 

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def dataplot::soccer::models::PlayerManager::get_ts_data   self  ) 

Plot args for making multiple time series of win%

We should replace this data filtering method with some
database-backed method, so statistics can be looked up and
plotted faster/easier.

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def dataplot::soccer::models::PlayerManager::plotable   self  ) 

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def dataplot::soccer::models::PlayerManager::SquareScatter_args   self  ) 

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def dataplot::soccer::models::PlayerManager::wins_diff_args   self  ) 

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