dataplot::shellscript::__init__::Plot Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def get_cline_template_dict
def get_cline
def write_data_to_infile
def makefile

Detailed Description

Make plots through the filesystem and command line programs.

Subclasses need to define:

1. A method get_plot_args, which returns a dictionary with at
   least one key 'data' which maps to a text string that will be
   written out to the input file for the command line program.

2. The attribute cmdtmp, which is a template string that will be
   filled in with the dictionary returned by get_plot_args. This
   string will be the command line that is executed to make the
   plot. You should use the 'infile' key in your string, i.e.

   cmdtmp='/usr/local/bin/hairpinplot.bash %(infile)s'

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Member Function Documentation

def dataplot::shellscript::__init__::Plot::get_cline   self  ) 

Construct command line based on template and dict.

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def dataplot::shellscript::__init__::Plot::get_cline_template_dict   self  ) 

Dict used to fill in self.cmdtmp string.

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def dataplot::shellscript::__init__::Plot::makefile   self  ) 

Write data to infile and then execute the commandline.

This presumably makes the convert_from file.

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def dataplot::shellscript::__init__::Plot::write_data_to_infile   self  ) 

Write data from get_plot_args into infile specified.

Presumably this data is the input for a command-line program.

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