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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def save
def save_plots
def make_model_plots
def make_manager_plots

Detailed Description

Enables figure autosave with Django-dataplot.

All attributes of this model which are instances of
dataplot.GenericPlot will be resaved.

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Member Function Documentation

def dataplot::plotmodels::Model::__init__   self,

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def dataplot::plotmodels::Model::make_manager_plots   cls,
  force = True

Try to remake plots related to this model's manager.

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def dataplot::plotmodels::Model::make_model_plots   self,
  force = True

Try to remake plots related to this model.

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def dataplot::plotmodels::Model::save   self  ) 

Save method which allows for maximum configurability.

On a model with no custom save method, we will call django's
save first, then try to make plots for this object.

On a model with a custom save method, you should call
make_plots and yourself, depending on when it is
appropriate in terms of your data processing.

Reimplemented in dataplot::soccer::models::Team.

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def dataplot::plotmodels::Model::save_plots   self  ) 

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