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def __init__
def defaults
def set_method
def set_attribute

Detailed Description

Parsing logic for dataplot autoconfig tuples.

This is just used for DRY convenience here and should not be used
outside this module.

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Member Function Documentation

def dataplot::plotmodels::Dataplot::__init__   self,

Initialize a dataplot using sensible defaults.

This can be a

dataplot (subclass of dataplot.GenericPlot, i.e. R.Scatter) in
this case, we assume basename of scatter and a plot method
called get_scatter_args.

tuple (dataplot,dict) where dict is a dictionary of kwargs
used to initialize the dataplot. So you can use this form if
you want to override the default basename, get_plot_args
method, or other plot parameters.

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def dataplot::plotmodels::Dataplot::defaults   self  ) 

Derive sensible defaults from provided info.

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def dataplot::plotmodels::Dataplot::set_attribute   self  ) 

Set dataplot instance.

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def dataplot::plotmodels::Dataplot::set_method   self  ) 

Set data-gathering method if necessary.

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