dataplot::bike::models::RideManager Class Reference

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def create_from_file_default
def create_from_file
def __init__
def get_odoplot_args
def get_date_dict
def get_corr_args
def from_to

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Detailed Description

Used for making global ride plots and importing data.

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def dataplot::bike::models::RideManager::__init__   self  ) 

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def dataplot::bike::models::RideManager::create_from_file   self,

Create new bike rides based on records in a text file.

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def dataplot::bike::models::RideManager::create_from_file_default   self  ) 

Create new bike rides based on default dataset.

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def dataplot::bike::models::RideManager::from_to   self,

Shortcut for searching from and to by short_name.

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def dataplot::bike::models::RideManager::get_corr_args   self  ) 

Arguments for making the daily correlation scatterplot.

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def dataplot::bike::models::RideManager::get_date_dict   self  ) 

Sort rides based on date in a dictionary.

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def dataplot::bike::models::RideManager::get_odoplot_args   self  ) 

Get arguments for the time series plot.

If no data present, create some from the default dataset.

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