dataplot::__init__::GenericPlot Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def get_plot_args
def __repr__
def prefix
def get_urls
def makefiles
def makedirs
def to_html
def to_html_thumb
def to_html_nolink
def render_html
def from_filename
def from_url
def get_filenames
def get_full_base
def convert
def do_chgrp
def do_chgrp_on
def get_app_dirs
def view

Static Public Attributes

 enable_caching = notsettings.DEBUG
 chgrp = None
 autosave = False
string convert_binary = 'convert'
string view_program = 'display'

Detailed Description

Singular representation of a plot for the web.

Subclasses need to define:

convert_to: dictionary that defines associated file suffixes, i.e.
    'thumb':{'suffix':'-thumb.png','convert_args':'-resize 65x90'},
convert_from: one of the keys from convert_to, which specifies
which of the files is created by the makefile method.

makefile: a method that creates the image specified by
convert_from on the filesystem.

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Member Function Documentation

def dataplot::__init__::GenericPlot::__init__   self,

Make a new plot to display.

Required args: (no sensible defaults)

basename: basename of this plot (no .pdf)
tocall: makes data dict to pass to the function for plotmaking.

Other plot parameters may be specified after instantiation as

enable_caching: should the image be remade every time?
chgrp: group to set write permissions for

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def dataplot::__init__::GenericPlot::__repr__   self  ) 

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def dataplot::__init__::GenericPlot::convert   self  ) 

Convert from PDF to other formats using ImageMagick.

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def dataplot::__init__::GenericPlot::do_chgrp   self  ) 

Change group write perms if requested.

This is useful if your testing and production webservers have
different users but share the same media directory.

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def dataplot::__init__::GenericPlot::do_chgrp_on   self,

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def dataplot::__init__::GenericPlot::from_filename   self  ) 

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def dataplot::__init__::GenericPlot::from_url   self  ) 

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def dataplot::__init__::GenericPlot::get_app_dirs   self  ) 

Dig through settings.INSTALLED_APPS for full paths.

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def dataplot::__init__::GenericPlot::get_filenames   self  ) 

Return dictionary of image filenames.

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def dataplot::__init__::GenericPlot::get_full_base   self  ) 

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def dataplot::__init__::GenericPlot::get_plot_args   self  ) 

Gather input data from defaults and return value of tocall.

1. defaults for this plot type
2. returned arguments from get_plot_args

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def dataplot::__init__::GenericPlot::get_urls   self  ) 

Return dictionary of image URLs.

Make the plot if it doesn't exist or caching is off.

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def dataplot::__init__::GenericPlot::makedirs   self  ) 

Make subdirectories of media/ for this plot.

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def dataplot::__init__::GenericPlot::makefiles   self  ) 

Make initial file and conversions.

makefile() just makes the initial file.

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def dataplot::__init__::GenericPlot::prefix   self,

Generalized form of url/filename reporting.

pre: prefix to attach to the basename and suffix.

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def dataplot::__init__::GenericPlot::render_html   self,

Render a HTML template with self as context 'plot'.

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def dataplot::__init__::GenericPlot::to_html   self  ) 

Render the PNG image and link to the PDF.

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def dataplot::__init__::GenericPlot::to_html_nolink   self  ) 

Render the PNG without link to PDF.

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def dataplot::__init__::GenericPlot::to_html_thumb   self  ) 

Render the PNG thumb.

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def dataplot::__init__::GenericPlot::view   self  ) 

Use some other program to look at rendered source image.

Will make the source image if it does not exist yet.

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Member Data Documentation

dataplot::__init__::GenericPlot::autosave = False [static]

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dataplot::__init__::GenericPlot::chgrp = None [static]

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string dataplot::__init__::GenericPlot::convert_binary = 'convert' [static]

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dataplot::__init__::GenericPlot::enable_caching = notsettings.DEBUG [static]

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string dataplot::__init__::GenericPlot::view_program = 'display' [static]

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