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Static Public Attributes

string r_fun_name = 'generic.scatter.plot'
dictionary default_args_map

Detailed Description

Simple x-y scatterplot.

x: list of ints or floats: horizontal values.
y: list of ints or floats: vertical values.

ann: list of strings: labels for each data point.
pch: plotting symbol to use; see R>example(points).
fit.lty: lty of least squares fit line, default: 0 => no line.
axis.round: decimal points for rounding axis labels.
lty.x.y: lty of line at x=y, default: 0 => no line. Force axes to be same?

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Member Data Documentation

dictionary dataplot::R::__init__::Scatter::default_args_map [static]

Initial value:


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string dataplot::R::__init__::Scatter::r_fun_name = 'generic.scatter.plot' [static]

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