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dataplot::R::__init__::barplot dataplot::R::__init__::Histogram dataplot::R::__init__::multi_time_series dataplot::R::__init__::NormalQQPlot dataplot::R::__init__::Scatter dataplot::R::__init__::TimeSeries dataplot::R::__init__::SquareScatter dataplot::R::__init__::CorrScatter List of all members.

Public Member Functions

def get_data_file
def get_test_file
def get_r_fun
def __init__
def check_files_for_function
def source_for_function
def save_data
def set_r_args
def makefile

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

dictionary convert_to
string convert_from = 'pdf'
int w = 9
float h = 6.5
string view_program = 'xpdf'

Detailed Description

R plot for the web.

Uses the rpy package and base R graphics. The idea is separation
of R and python code, so each subclass needs to map to an R
function (r_fun_name) in a .R code file (r_code_filename) that can
be sourced and used for plotting by rpy.

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Member Function Documentation

def dataplot::R::__init__::Plot::__init__   self,

Infer default values at init.

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def dataplot::R::__init__::Plot::check_files_for_function   self  ) 

Go through files looking for the plot function.

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def dataplot::R::__init__::Plot::get_data_file   self  ) 

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def dataplot::R::__init__::Plot::get_r_fun   self,
  e = None

Try to get the R function from the r environment.

Returns true if it worked.

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def dataplot::R::__init__::Plot::get_test_file   self  ) 

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def dataplot::R::__init__::Plot::makefile   self  ) 

Start a PDF device and execute R plotting code.

Also executes the conversion to other formats.

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def dataplot::R::__init__::Plot::save_data   self  ) 

Save result of call to get_plot_args in Rdata.

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def dataplot::R::__init__::Plot::set_r_args   self  ) 

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def dataplot::R::__init__::Plot::source_for_function   self  ) 

Source R code files looking for fun_name.

Raise error if fun_name is never found.

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Member Data Documentation

string dataplot::R::__init__::Plot::convert_from = 'pdf' [static]

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dictionary dataplot::R::__init__::Plot::convert_to [static]

Initial value:

        'thumb':{'suffix':'-thumb.png','convert_args':'-resize 65x90'},

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float dataplot::R::__init__::Plot::h = 6.5 [static]

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string dataplot::R::__init__::Plot::view_program = 'xpdf' [static]

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int dataplot::R::__init__::Plot::w = 9 [static]

Reimplemented in dataplot::R::__init__::SquareScatter.

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